How Does Retail Store Music Effect Consumers?

While some customers prefer the ease and convenience of online shopping, many say they still prefer the physical act. Customers are looking for an experience; the sights of retail fixture displays, engaging installations, the scents of your store, and namely: the sounds associated with in-store shopping. In fact, did you know you could actually manipulate sounds into giving your customer’s a better shopping experience?

Studies show that the volume, genre, and tempo of the music you play in-store can have a direct effect on your customer’s behavior.

So how does music factor in? One study conducted by the Association for Consumer Research shows that music may actually affects the behavior of customers. During this study one restaurant played both calming and up-beat music during mealtimes. The results showed that patrons dining to the slower, more calming music stayed significantly longer than those who dined during the fast-paced beats.

Another amazing study, in which a wine store played predominantly French music, showed that the customers were more likely to buy French wines than any other types. In short, music has a direct effect on both how long your customers will shop and on how much they will spend. Here’s 2 simple ideas of what you can you do to make your customer’s hearing experience the best one possible.

#1. Consider Your Target Audience
It is always important to keep your target consumers in mind when choosing your music. For example, playing club music at a store tailored to mature fashions simply will not work, the same way that playing Frank Sinatra at a store designed for teenagers isn’t likely to land many sales. Nobody wants to shop in a store that is playing music they deem annoying, and while you can’t please everyone’s personal tastes, keeping your target audience in mind will be mutually beneficial for both you and your customer.

#2. Be Mindful Of The Volume
There aren’t any shoppers out there who will appreciate being bogged down or chased out of a store because the music is just too loud. Music at the proper tempo and volume will allow customers to think with a clear head while moving through your store at a comfortable pace. That being said, some marketers insist that in stores tailored to younger clientele, loud music can often act as a stimulant – which studies show can weaken self-control and lead to more impulse purchases.

Music affects the body in all sorts of ways, from increasing productivity, fighting fatigue, reducing anxiety, boosting the immune system, and helping customer’s decide whether or not they want to come or go. Give your customer’s the most comfortable shopping experience possible by staying mindful of the type of music you are playing in your retail environment, as well as how loud you’re playing it.

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How To Create An Effective Pop Up Display For Your Retail Store

Image marketing has been around for decades from magazine ads to image-based retail fixture displays, yet only in recent years has it had retailers both online and in-store jumping for joy at its positive effects. Studies show that 90% of information received by the brain is visual in nature and gets processed more than 60-thousand times faster than text. Not only does this show off the amazing facets of the human body, it’s also a fantastic marketing tool.

As it stands, society is obsessed with images and visual marketing stimulation; with online trends such as SnapChat, Instagram, and Pinterest going wild with popularity practically overnight. In fact, one study showed that Pinterest accumulated more business-traffic than all of YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ put together – an amazing fact about visual marketing. These online statistics can also be applied to your retail store. People are naturally drawn to display areas, or “images”, as they generate interest and create a focal point in the store.

Here are 3 ideas for how you can create an effective pop up display for your retail store:

#1. Keep Your Customers Engaged
In a growing retail industry that’s becoming more and more dominated by online sales, it’s more important than ever to keep customers engaged as they visit your retail store. One way you can do this is by creating pop up displays and innovative installations. Pop up displays work well in-store because they keep your customer’s engaged with your product and help them understand exactly what your product is all about.

#2. Show Off Your Brand
The purpose of your pop-up display is to show off your brand and let people know what you’re all about. Use bright and eye-catching images that will immediately draw customers in and give them a better idea of what your brand is promoting.

#3. Display Your Product, If Possible
Whether your pop up display is there to promote a new item, or a temporary sale, it’s important to keep your product around your display in a trendy and neat manner. Your display should be a clear advertisement where customers can easily pick up the product in question.

#4. Keep It Simple
When it comes to retail pop up displays, a simple message is best. Customers should not have to expend too much energy figuring out what your sign means, or reading through unnecessary text. Use a font that is easy on the eyes, and text that explains in bullet points what your display is all about.

Pop up displays are efficient and convenient for retail sales marketing. These displays are portable, giving you the option of placing them in smaller locations within your store, or having them central to your floorplan to give the best advertisement to your product possible. For more information on commercial retail fixtures and pop up displays please contact RMSe, at 1-800-643-3180.

RMSe will continue to serve retail environment professionals with our outstanding service and industry knowledge but the RMSe brand and website will be merging our services under BDS Marketing.  BDS Marketing will soon incorporate RMSe under one brand and encompass everything you need as your trusted retail advisor.   Keep following the latest industry new with RMSe until our merge, but make sure to stay connected with BDS Marketing to learn more at

5 Tips for Designing Impressive Retail Store Displays

If we look to the food prep industry for inspiration, we’ll find a time-tested maxim that “presentation is everything.”   Chefs know better than anyone that if the dish is not visually appealing, the potential customer will likely not even get to the tasting part.  The whole concept of visual branding speaks to our need for appealing aesthetic and enticing visual presentation before we commit to purchasing decisions.   Since RMSe leads the retail world in constructing and installing retail store displays and fixtures, we’ve assembled a list of 5 great tips for getting the most out of your retail environment.


1. Choose a Theme

First of all, you don’t just start throwing colors and designs into a big pot and see what comes out.  The design and layout of your retail store should reflect your product line and the overall brand of your company.   Decide what aspects of your merchandise can be reflected in the visual presentation of your in-store displays.   Apple has made their store a flat, linear grey environment that has the same look and feel of a Macbook.  Your retail store displays should tell a story about your brand, products, and ideally your customer base as well.

2.  Stimulate All the Senses

It’s not just color and geometric shape that creates an enticing and memorable shopping environment.  There is a smell that a new store produces and the frequent shopper knows this scent well.  Keep it fresh and inviting.   Lighting is an important mood setter and you should take great pains to shape the environment with the proper lighting rather than just blasting a cold fluorescent wash over the whole room.  The music should play well with the mood of the store and not drown out the conversation of sales associates.

3.  Keep the Signage Fresh

In today’s saturated marketplace, the typical consumer has learned to edit out the constant barrage of marketing signage and graphic sales pitches.   If you want to catch your customer’s eye and retain their attention, you’ll have to keep your signage and call-outs fresh and updated on a frequent basis.  No one wants to read something a second time.  If a returning customer finds nothing new in your store displays, it’s likely they’ll assume they’ve seen all the merchandise you have to offer as well.   Roll out your messaging more frequently than you roll out new product.

4.  Use Window Displays to Encourage Visits

Once a customer is inside the store, they are immersed in the ambience and story of the brand but it’s actually getting them to come inside that stumps many retailers.  The front lines of your store displays are the windows that face the foot traffic.   It’s important to balance the line of enticing shoppers with a glimpse of your best new products but not revealing everything in the store, otherwise they’ll opt out of coming inside because they’ve already seen all you have to offer.   Keep the messaging and calls to action on your window displays direct and enticing.

5.  Rule of Three

No, this isn’t an adage drawn from old wives’ tales or superstitious charms, there is a studied and observable consistency in the human response to patterns of three.  Remember if you decide on a particular message or image, replicate it thrice throughout the store in varied and subtle ways.


RMSe is the premier retail construction and store fixture installation service in North American and we’re all about giving you the tips and tricks that make retailers successful.  Check back often for more information and advice.   If you’re looking for a more thorough consultation, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The Heart of Retail Merchandising

We’ve helped thousands of retailers in varied industries improve their in-store design and structure and over the years a few core principles have emerged.   Here is our assessment of how retail merchandising services can better serve the customer and in doing so increase their bottom line.

Strive for Engagement

Consumers are an active group and prefer to interact with products and services rather than just passively observe them through the glass.   If you can entice a customer into a product demo or in some way get the product in their physical grasp, it is far more likely for them to create a mental and emotional bond with the merchandise.  This kind of attachment is part of the sales funnel and a trained retail staff can lead a potential buyer along a path of bonding with the product and treating it as his/her own before money is ever exchanged.   This kind of conversion optimization in retail merchandising is important and powerful so find creative ways to get your customers to engage directly with your product line.

Keep it Simple

We’ve all been in retail environments that are so overwhelming, it’s nearly impossible to determine where to look or walk.   This kind of overkill can create a paralysis that ultimately ends in the shopper making a bee-line for the exit just to escape the madness.  Let’s not drive them away, shall we?   No matter how creative you get with your retail store displays and merchandising tactics, remember to keep it simple and clean to ensure maximum attention and clarity for your buyers.

Communicate Everywhere

Without breaking the second rule of keeping things concise and simple, remember that you can’t tell your shoppers everything you want them to know in a conversation with sales associates.  The signage in the store is important for communicating your brand message, your product value, and the reasons why someone should buy.   Make sure your advertising is informative and not just a sales push.  Buyers want to be informed and the information they’re looking for comes from the whole environment from signs and hang tags to visual cues on the walls.

Retail merchandising is both an art and science that requires you to balance the design with the statistics to create the best approach to marketing and sales.

Store Layout Tips for Your Next Retail Construction

When a business decides to redesign its retail space, much thought goes into the visual presentation of the brand and products.  Store displays and fixtures often come to mind along with signage and promotional kiosks.  All of this is valuable and important to the design of the retail construction space but few elements of the design are as important or influential on the consumer as the actual layout or arrangement of the store.  Studies show that consumers are directly impacted by a poor product arrangement or crowded check-out service and these simple slips in design can cost you a sale.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your retail store arrangement.


Create a layout that suits your niche.

Supermarkets arrange their aisles in a grid system to encourage shoppers to travel up and down the rows and come in contact with more merchandise, while department stores often create a more open layout to promote the impulse purchases.  Perhaps your retail store space should group the products or kiosks in the center with a  large circle navigating the outside perimeter.  This kind of geometric design focuses the attention of the whole store into the center where the merchandise sits center stage.


Promote clear visibility and ample personal shopping space.

Low product shelves allow customers to see the rest of the store as well as your sales personnel.  This also reduces your risk of inventory loss as customer actions are clearly visible.  Tall shelving creates a sense of enclosure and isolation rather than promoting the appeal of a bustling, busy marketplace with friendly assistance.  A consumer behavior expert named Paco Underhill discovered that consumers will avoid an item or aisle if there isn’t enough space to avoid bumping into other shoppers, even if they’re interested in the products.


It’s all about the entrance.

While the internal structure of your retail construction may be sensational, if you fail to capture a consumer’s attention as they walk by or as soon as they walk in the store, you’re missing the biggest bite of the apple.   It’s important to have an eye-catching storefront with visible merchandise to entice shoppers to stop in, but keep in mind that the first 15 feet of the retail space is considered the “decompression zone” where a consumer switches mindset and rarely notices visual displays in this area of the store.


Keeping a few of these design tips in mind when fashioning your retail construction layout will ensure that you attain maximum impact on your shoppers.

The Power of Retail Store Design to Define Your Brand

After a German court ruled last month that the computer retail giant Apple Inc. could file a trademark on their retail store design, a new precedent was set in the world of retail construction.  It’s no secret that a large portion of brand identity comes from the customer’s experience in the physical space of the retail store, but Apple has taken their iconic layout and in-store aesthetic to heart, claiming that the store design is part of their visual branding and can’t be copied by their competition.

What Apple has always understood about its customer base is that people are loyal to brands that capture a certain feeling and aesthetic.  Consumers learn to associate themselves with the look and feel of the brand’s overall simplistic style and unique individuality.  If other stores were able to look like an Apple Store, the visual effect of walking into one of Apple’s retail outlets would have less of a unique impact.

Let’s take Apple’s lead here and consider your retail store design.  It won’t be anything like the Mac giant but it should certainly be signature to you and your brand.  Your consumers don’t just bond with a logo and color scheme in your catalogs.  They expect that same consistent aesthetic whenever they interact with your brand, whether that be in the store, on the web, opening a package, or on the phone with a representative.  Apple’s sleek grey surfaces and straight lines mimic their laptop computers and their consumers connect the two in mind.   When you see the store, you think of the computer.  When you use the computer, you imagine the store.  They are synonymous.

In the world of retail store design, the goal is to make your store layout and customization reflect the brand of your merchandise and consumer base.  From the placement of new merchandise in the front to the sleek shaping of colorful kiosks that promote a specific product, the brand identity you form in the retail store will translate into future sales and consumer loyalty.


RMSe Launches Powerful New Website

Newark, Ohio, September 11, 2012 – New website furthers RMSe’s status as the cutting edge leader in retail project management, construction and fixture installation.

After 17 years of rebuilding businesses from the ground up, RMSe has effectively done the same with their website. Centered on a more user friendly interface, the digital marketing team at WOW!brands Agency, has given RMSe a home on the Internet worthy of their already impeccable reputation.

RMSe Executive Vice President Jim Fulk is more than pleased with his company’s new online presence, “We are ecstatic with our new website. It accurately reflects who we are and what we offer our clients. In our third year as a partner with WOW!brands, we continue to be impressed with their unique designs and tailored solutions.”

At the core of RMSe’s business is their ability to connect with clients, going above and beyond to give them what they want. Whether RMSe is remodeling a store, installing a custom fixture or engaging in a full scale roll out or retro fit campaign; their main concern has always been relationship with their clients. The new website continues that client commitment with a clean, efficient, and client oriented design. Sitting atop a custom Content Management System (CMS), the new site design boasts sharp graphics, a new client login section, custom video gallery, integrated social media plugins, an integrated Worpress blog for News and PR and a custom Employment Application and Resume Management Center.

Andrew Catapano, CEO of WOW!brands, shares RMSe’s enthusiasm for the new website and continued partnership, “It is a privilege to continue as the Agency of Record for RMSe. Throughout our three (3) year relationship, it has been great to grow together and see the RMSe brand evolve into what it stands for today.”

Brent Dewey, President at RMSe believes their new website represents a new era for the company, “We see this website as a reflection that our company is operating at a whole new level. The functionality, the design, the user experience; everything about this site will help us better attract and connect to clients.”

To see the new website and learn more about RMSe, visit


About RMSe:
RMSe is a prominent professional retail installation company founded in 1994. They are the specialists in new store set ups, re-merchandising, store re-locations, heavy fixture installations, remodels and resets. RMSe leads the industry in state of the art technology for implementing projects and monitoring the scope and progress of each program. RMSe is capable of performing and completing any type of project within the industry and warrants all quality assurance with a guarantee of satisfactory completion. To learn more about RMSe, visit their website at

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Excel Dryer Partners with RMSe

Chances are most people have had the opportunity to use an XLERATOR hand dryer, which blasts an exhilarating jet of high-pressure air, completely drying hands three times faster than conventional dryers. Apart from being the only hand dryer to be MADE in the USA Certified™, XLERATOR hand dryers use 80% less energy and deliver a 95% cost savings versus paper towels. An exciting experience combined with proven savings has many businesses and retail locations eager to make the switch.

In the past Excel customers were forced to work with local installation vendors, manage all contacts, delivery, deadlines, and invoices, and still not be assured of proper installation. To streamline the process, XLERATOR partnered with RMSe to take over all installations at a reduced cost to the customer.

The leader in industrial fixture installation, RMSE leverages its national buying power to lower material costs and reduce installation fees, as well as manage every aspect of the process from delivery to invoicing. In short, customers now receive a great money-saving hand dryer installed by efficient, cost-effective installation experts.

“Our strategic partnership with RMSe is an industry first,” said William Gagnon, vice president of marketing and key accounts, Excel Dryer

“We’re able to provide customers with a fast and cost-effective way to install XLERATOR hand dryers – while ensuring that each dryer is installed properly and operating at peak performance. This partnership provides our customers with a single contact and turnkey solution for retrofitting restrooms with the latest in green restroom technology,” said Gagnon.

“Tackling a large scale renovation project with a tight deadline can pose many logistics challenges. At RMSe, we first develop an efficient plan, and we hire the best project managers and contractors to carry it out. Speed, efficiency and quality are the inevitable results of what we do,” says Brent Dewey, president and CEO of RMSe.

With RMSe’s streamlined process, XLERATOR customers can typically expect a national hand dryer retrofit to be complete in less than two weeks.

RMSe employs 2,000 certified, licensed and bonded technicians in all 50 states, so customers can be sure that each installation is done properly and affordably.


Media Contact:
Sara Smith
Marketing Director

NEWARK, Ohio (February 15, 2012) – RMSe, the recognized leader in retail construction, fixture installation and project management industry, is proud to announce that it will jointly sponsor a booth with Red Roof®, a leader in the economy lodging sector, at the 20th Annual GlobalShop tradeshow.

RMSe is currently completing 1,200 property improvement projects at 143 Red Roof properties throughout the United States. To celebrate the new partnership, guests visiting the RMSe/Red Roof exhibit at Booth 4207 will be invited to register to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, courtesy of RMSe and Red Roof Inn.

Visitors to the RMSe/Red Roof booth will also get to enjoy a one of kind “walk-in and around” fully constructed preview of Red Roof’s spectacular redesigned, NextGen® contemporary and guest focused interior. The NextGen room satisfies travelers’ desires, mimicking many traditional comforts of home, including enhanced technology and electronics amenities.

“RMSe is incredibly proud to use our presence at GlobalShop to showcase not only our unparalleled services, but our strategic partnership with such a well-recognized brand as Red Roof,” says Jim Fulk, RMSe’s Executive Vice President.

The 20th Annual GlobalShop will be held February 29 through March 2, 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Billed as the world’s largest annual tradeshow and conference dedicated to retail design and fixtures as well as visual merchandising, GlobalShop is viewed by industry leaders as the ideal opportunity for introducing new products and innovations designed to enhance the retail experience for today’s consumer.